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We Four Kings... by Booter-Freak We Four Kings... by Booter-Freak
Basara is one of my favorite mangas of all time…But old fandom is old and so few are around to fangirl with me CRY MOAR. Won't stop me from making fanart, tho. This was a piece I had been thinking of doing for some time, but chatting with Alycat (the only other Basara fan I know, and the one who gave me great reference pics...thanks!) made me hop right on it.

This is a portrait of the Four Kings who rule under the main king, Lord Ukon. Ukon's family makes Fire Nation royalty look like th Brady Bunch. Here are my takes on them!

Red King: Shuri reminds me of Zuko in that he’s brash, short-tempered, a badass fighter, and someone you want to occasionally smack upside the head. But that’s about where the similarities end. From there on, this guy is about the anti-thesis of Zuko. Daddy hates him and wants him dead and leaves him to rule over a shit-streak of a city in the middle of a goddamn dessert? Shuri gives his dad the finger, proceeds to build one of the most prosperous, envied cities in Japan, and makes plans to take over the rest of the country. Siblings are manipulative and want him miserable and/or dead? Shuri either steers clear, tries to out-weasel them, or attempts to throttle them on the spot (especially the latter, if it’s Asagi). The universe hates him, yanks the rug out from under his feet and leaves him with nothing? Whatever, just let him brush himself off and he’ll get right back on track. The guy knows what he wants, does whatever it takes to get what he wants, and if you threaten him, his rule, or the people he cares about you better watch it!

Unless you’re Sarasa, and then he's like "HAI BB!! ^3^" Oy...9_9;

(Also, he has THE coolest underlings. No wonder Tatara can’t win!)

Blue King: Asagi is my favorite character in Basara, aside from Ageha (but who DOESN’T love Ageha?). He’s the only character I know who makes me shriek “You little SHIT!” all the while eagerly anticipating his next appearance. Asagi is the guy you love to hate and hate to love. He reminds me of Azula in that he’s a cold, manipulative liar who wants nothing more than to see his brother (Shuri) suffer. Even if he is sickly and disdains physical work, this guy is a pimp with a sword and a master at moving everyone and everything around him to his advantage. Watching his character growth is fascinating—especially the way he squirms in discomfort at his growing connection with Sarasa, hehe.

Here's a good article on him, but SPOILERS LIEK WHOA: [link]

White King: There are a lot of nasty characters in Basara, but the White King is in a class all her own. Oh, sure, she looks so beautiful and fragile, but Lady Ginko gives most other villains a run for their money in terms of sheer wickedness. Unlike the other villains, who are motivated by greed, ambition, principle, or fear, the White King is fueled by sheer HATE. I didn’t think you could cram so much rage and hatred into one person, but she does it, and not without losing a little sanity in the process too. But then again, if you had gone through what she had, I imagine you’d probably be the same. She’s out on a rampage of pure destruction, and I pity the foo' who gets in her way, coz she doesn’t pull punches when it comes to viciousness, treachery, and the ability to mindf*ck a person senseless.

Also, she has an elite core of transvestite super ninjas. No, really.

Black King: After hearing about the fearsome brute strength and ruthlessness he possessed, seeing his thumbs up policy on slavery, visiting the prisons within his territory (which have a…ahem…very low survival rate… ) and meeting the seriously hardcore badass group of rebels that had been trying for YEARS to take him down with no success…I had expected more. The Black King was the only REAL dissapointment in the entire manga. I mean, we see more of his wife, his concubine, and his body double than we do of him! What a let down! He could have been SO COOL! But alas, men with beards never live long in this manga. That’s okay, he’ll always be an unstoppable juggernaut in my book.

I had to fudge a lot on this picture in terms of costumes, on account clothes change frequently and clothing in Basara is a weird mix of Japanese, Chinese, and Western. 9_6;; Hope ya like anyway!
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jajaanka Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Basara is one of the best stories out there,period :o)
Angel-no-Crux Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2013
Great Work! nice to see all 4 kings together!
ayanamifaerudo Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2013
forcedsimilie Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012
Not enough Basara fanart anywhere (well...tons of Sengoku Basara, but not enough Legend of Basara). Thank you so much for this.

The world needs more Basara love! And a better Basara anime...
rockybu Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2011
not enough basara love! love it!
bookwormbeth Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2011
I blame you for making me addicted to the manga. (well.... you and the manly crossdresser ;))
heartbloodrose Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2011  Student Digital Artist
BASARA IS AMAZING i think ill draw some fan art as well
Shibou-chan Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2011
Wow this is great :D love the desciption too described them perfectly :D just finishid reading Basara myself and i loved it x10 :XD: definately one of my favorite mangas :D
Fire7Warrior7 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
youre my hero with your awesome 90s tastes :)
BeautifulParanoia Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2010  Student Digital Artist
I love Basara. Shuri is my favorite King, but I have to say that, honestly, Ageha had my heart ever since his crossdressing as Madame Butterfly at the beginning of volume two. :heart:
Karini Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2009  Student Digital Artist
I simply adore this!
The amount of detail in everything from the folds of the fabric to the accessories is outstanding
fictionalfinesse Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OMG! Im a basara loong time reader and fan! love your picture!
rhymeswithmonth Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2009
<3 basara!!!! <3

You've got the characters nailed too! Asagi is the most lovable slime-ball prick ever!! And Shuri is badass, and Ginko is like Azula on crack!

I'd love it if you did more basara stuff.
seventysevenpercent Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2009
to me basara is the greatest manga ever and im a total fangirl for asagi (and ageha of course as you can probably tell from my sig)

i really like the way you drew them all :D
tabaldridge Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2009
i love it! in a Basara fan too!!
Yank76 Featured By Owner May 1, 2009  Student Filmographer
omg LOVE basara!! (its a recent love inspired by a week of ignoring homework to read the entire series #1-27)
you did an AWESOME job on getting the kings down. :heart:
i agree with you on the black king part-soooo much potential but, alas, he was no more by the time we saw his face.
FromDeepWithin Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2009
Srsly, I loved that manga, and this is awesome!
But mah favorites are Nachi and Hijiri! And Hayato. Hayato needs more love <3
AleaIshikawa Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2009
At first, I thought Asagi was just a prettyboy jerk, but his interactions with Sarasa and his childhood flashbacks totally rearranged the character for me.
RoronoaEmi Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome! I like the guy in the middle. kinda reminds me of an ex-boyfriend…
ShadedGray Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2009
Because of this image and your description of it, you have single-handedly addicted me to Basara. I've been reading the manga for about 15 hours, and started sometime around 9 the other night. Thank you.
The-Nonexistent Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
uwaaahh ;_; mine too
i really want to take at leat scans of the vol. 27 [the last one]
FlameTwirler Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2008
Yay! Much love for Basara - wonderful pic :glomp:
artychick2009 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2008
Booter, I must tell you, because of this fine piece of fanart, I went and downloaded Basara, even though I knew I wouldn't be able to read it all (it's not all uploaded online). Then with the money i got for my birthday, I went on ebay and bought ALL 27 VOLUMES! I'm currently reading them and telling everyone how awesome it is. Thanks for making this and thus introducing me to this wonderful series!! ^ ^
Booter-Freak Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2008
AHA! A Basara covert! :glomp: I'm so happy you like it!
artychick2009 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2008
lol xD yup that's me! :dance: how did you hear about it?
Booter-Freak Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2008
Aha, many moons ago I was at a local anime convention. Say the first book, read the description on the back...and the rest is history.
artychick2009 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2008
lol xDD it sounds so epic the way you tell it. ^ ^ I'm surprised you remember, half the time I have no idea where I hear about things from >.< did you use to watch Reboot when it came on Cartoon Network? cause I know I that's where I heard about that. >.>;
Booter-Freak Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2008
I used to watch ReBoot back when it was on ABC's Saturday morning line-up. /HARDKORE
artychick2009 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2008
lol cool ^ ^ I never got up on saturday mornings.. I would like sleep in till noon. xD
xD you're so hardcore!
Miriette-chan Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2008
Nice picture! My favourite character of Basara if without dobt Asagi *:heart: happy fan dance :heart:* (I like Ageha too).
??? Do you know where can I read the manga after volume 20 ??? Maybe I will buy it ...
The Black Bing seems creepy I don't wanted to fight with him... :dance:
DolphinMage Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2008   Writer
OMG. No way. I was so sure that no one had even heard of this thing! Holy cow! There is the awesomeness of all the characters and then there is that whole cross dressing thing that, honestly, i think everyone (except Shuri) does at one point or another.
gambitgurlisis Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2008
"Also, she has an elite core of transvestite super ninjas. No, really."

I lol'd. Awesome.
Shishkobob-ki Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2008
I love Basara!
faerie-chan Featured By Owner May 16, 2008
BASARA FANART ARE YOU KIDDING ME. 8D I found that series at my library during middle school and it was fantastic, but I can't seem to find anything between volumes 3 and 24. o_o What.

Either way. This is lovely, really. :D How cool.
Miriette-chan Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2008
Have you read it after volume 24???? I know where can you read volume 1 to 20... Go to this site [link] you don't need to have a account. But if you wanna buy it you can do it on Amazon.
Nethrion Featured By Owner May 2, 2008
Yeah, I've heard of Basara, but never took it up. I might, but probably won't, although your quick summary-info thing is very tempting. I like the subtle patterns on White King's outfit, and the detail's great. Nice job :)

(And ps: "Also, she has an elite core of transvestite super ninjas. No, really." Best line ever.)
Enaka Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2008
My goodness, you make me want to run to Barnes and Noble just to buy a copy! Where on earth was I when this came out? I have a sincere appreciation for totally evil villains, and for the talent to pull that off well. Thank you for drawing this. Not only was this a wonderful piece of colored lineart, but your artist comments have garnered my interests. Thank you. I have something else to read now. (As if my reading list wasn't long enough, lol.)
Booter-Freak Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2008
The last volume was translated by Viz a while ago, so you miiiight have to do a little digging to get it. But, OH, is Basara ever worth it.
MDFive-Art Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is some awesome work.
mcda Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2008
WAHHHH! I want to read this now. Just because the White King character sounds fucked up twisted and trannie ninjas!!!
SutekiKage Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2008  Student Filmographer


You ever see Yuki Tamura's (That's her name, right? o_O") other Manga? 7 Seeds? I CRIED so hard reading that series, like, I was full out sobbing for a good half hour D:"" Especially at the end of volume 4

GO READ! D:< It good xD
Amerise Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2008
WooHOO! Another Basara fan! I'm a huge fan of the series and especially of Ageha & Asagi as well. I was even sad when Kagero died :(
Great job on the character designs and costumes (did you also draw the BG?). I'm actually really glad that you didn't make Asagi as androgynous as Tamu does as times. Actually, he's a very HOT character (Ageha as well!) but her depiction of them various through out the manga. I'm so happy I've collected every book but I've only go half in English and the other half in Nihongo.
It's a GREAT series through and through but I almost wish that the last two books weren't like little anecdotes :P
Moonclaw1 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
That a really interesting manga. I'm going to have to look that up. Thank you!

As for the picture, very nice job, especially with the poses.
Uftaki Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2008
Ooooh, awesome Basara fanart! :D
hentai-yasha Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2008
Is it sad to say that I watched the anime back in in the early 2000's? I have one of the art books I managed to find at a con years ago and still have some of the Japanese release of the manga (for the English, at his point you have to find it online unless you have a really awesome comic book shop that will order it for you like I had when I found out it was being released in the States!) So,'s really terrific to see another Basara fan out there! Awesome picture of the kings; it really fits their personalities.
SilverLady7 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2008
Never heard of it, but I´d like to meet. Cool art!
Caila Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
do you realize that by saying "transvestite super ninjas" half of the reviewers here would go and read the manga?...

(I dunno, is just the STRENGTH of those words that makes you wanna see them by yourself..)

now, off the crackpot an unto more serious bussiness, the art is GETTING BETTER!!! the cel shading and the background with textures is good!! Im looking forward for more of it!(also I want to screw my mind with your gagstrips, but that's an entirely different thing...yeah right)

keep up the crackyness!!! really! DO IT! BWAHAH!
Booter-Freak Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2008
Thank you for the compliments! It's always fun to do gagstrips, but I have a really good time doing more complex pieces like these once in a while!

Transvestite ninjas are the BEST recruiters.
deadRobin Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2008
Wow, I have never even heard of this manga, but from your descriptions of the characters (which look awesome, btw!) I really have to look this up.
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